Monday, July 23, 2007

Upside Down Tomato Update

Here are my upside down tomatoes! If you look closely you can see the green tomatoes on each plant. The big plant is a pear tomato, and the more spindly one is the cherry tomato. It has been interesting to watch them grow, they haven't developed a strong trunk like the plants out in the garden, but they seem to be further ahead in the tomato department. My Roma tomato in the bucket I didn't photograph, it is still very small and hasn't blossomed yet. In it's defense it has been very hot, and most people's tomatoes are not doing much. We've had like eight or ten days over 100 so far this month, unusual for us. They drop the blossoms if they get too hot, at least on my deck they stay much cooler than out in the hot sun. I thought they would not even get fruit, they don't get full sun on the deck, just gentle north light, but so far, so good! You can scroll back and look at them last month, they have grown quite a bit!

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