Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Jack and I

Thanksgiving with family is grand, especially with this baby! He's so sweet!
Thanksgiving Pies...Yummy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Pair of Wild Turkey's

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Monday started with me hearing a gobbling noise. At first I thought it was my son's Android phone, he has a turkey sound for November that you hear every time he gets a text message. He loves annoying ring I kept looking around for him, even though I knew he was at work. Even so, I kept hearing this gobble noise, it sounded far away. Then I realized it was coming from outside, was my son outside? I looked out my office window...and nope, nothing out there, but suddenly, a big huge bird jumped off the roof right above the window. And yes, it gobbled. OH MY! And then a second bird, not as large also flew down off the roof, right in front of me. They didn't stay put long and were soon over to the side of the yard. I did grab my phone, and lest no one believe me, I snapped a few photo's. Not good photo's however, through the window, and of fairly camouflaged birds, but proof nonetheless! They are beautiful birds, with many colors, all hard to see in this photo, but they were amazing. What a great way to start November!