Saturday, July 21, 2007

Love Birds

These our our Love Birds. When people see them they always ask me their names. I say, Coco and Loco. They say which one is which? I say, the one on the left is Loco. Then of course my Dad asks, what if I'm on the deck outside? Which one is Loco then? (the deck is on the opposite side of the cage outdoors) The one on the left Dad....
(the birds look exactly alike, and of course the one on the left is always Loco, of course)
I inherited the birds from my daughter. Her second year of college she was still living at home and going to the community college where she had a pretty good scholarship. But she was pretty tired of living at home. She was pretty bored, so she went and blew one whole paycheck on the cage, the toys and the birds. Gorgeous birds they are, but she forgot to ask us if it was OK. Once I saw them she talked me into it, they are very pretty. Skittish and afraid of people, too. They love it by the deck window, it is nice soft light and lots of trees and birds outside. There is a gold finch feeder and a bird feeder nearby, along with the flowers that attract the hummingbirds and they get lots of company on the other side of the window.. They are also noisy! They love to make all sorts of squawks and caws, it sounds just like an African Rain Forest sometimes in here!
Of course the next month my daughter moved away, and left me the birds!

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