Monday, July 23, 2007

Lindsay's Wedding Cake


This is the cake Lindsay made for her wedding. I got to make the frosting, and buy all the stuff, she did most of the heavy lifting, wrapping and building. It took her several months to convince me that we could do it! There are actually four cakes, all three layer cakes, with different fillings. They were delicious, and yes we served them. I loved having the separate cakes, it was much simpler. We got the very cute stands at Costco for around 30 dollars, a lucky find. We found plate and tableware holders that matched them as well. The cake table had sparkly jeweled chiffon over lights, then the cakes, and had a light under the table as well, so it was all light up. You can't see that in this picture. The flowers on the cake matched her bouquet, and the bride'smaids had similar ones, and there were fresh flowers on every table. If you scroll down to July 2 (just go to the bottom of the blog and keep pressing older) you will see the cake that we made for Lindsay's friend. She made two cakes...the big wedding cake and then the groom's cake. Very fun, go check it out!
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Corie said...

These cakes are gorgeous -- you should be so proud -- pat your self on the back for me. Woo Hoo Great job.