Monday, July 9, 2007

Kitten Update

The kittens home has been found. The momma cat had brought them down the street to escape the neighbors dog. The kittens were born two houses up the street...and momma cat was fleeing the new dog they recently got. They have since sold the new dog, and came by yesterday to collect the kittens. Not an easy task. Took us about four tries, but we got all of the kittens back to their old home. I have a few lovely deep scratches on my wrist, but they are feeling better today. This neighbor has many children, who love the kittens, and so the children are very happy. We had many discussions about not chasing the kittens, you won't catch them by chasing them, but I ended up sending the children back home with only one kitty the first time they came to collect their kittens. :) Their mom came by later and collected three more. Finally the skittish ones made an appearance and I walked them home, but one got anxious and scratched me good, and the other little kitty I was carrying. I was brave and didn't drop them but shifted my grip to the scruff of the neck and she went limp, like all little darling kitties do! Her bright light blue eyes glared at me and turned a deep navy blue as I finished carrying her home!
We noticed mama cat back here this morning, I can only hope the kitties family keeps them behind closed doors until they get them given away, I won't soon go through the hours it took to collect all the kittens again, they love our woodpile with all the many places to hide! Mamma Cat likes my husband, she goes out of her way to seek him out...he likes to give her milk! (softy) He knows he is NOT supposed too, and hopefully now he will refrain so the kittens don't make a reappearance!

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Anne Marie Gross said...

Just found your blog and loved this sweet story of the kittens! Some of them remind me of kitties in my past, sweet things! Oh gosh, and just the mention of a lilac bush has me aching for the smell of them. We don't get them in Florida! {frown}