Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wedding Cakes

My daughter frosted these wedding cakes for her friend Mindy's wedding. The wedding reception was last night, and here are the pictures. I had the pleasure of loaning my dd my kitchen, and dining room, to make the cakes in, and I made all the frosting for the cakes. That is a ton of pure white buttercream! I am still figuring out this blog, so hopefully I will figure out how to post the pictures and you will see what she did! It was quite the project, lots of stress and mess. I had all the stress and my dd made all the mess. But her sweet dh cleaned and cleaned and helped and helped, so it all turned out well. It took the entire family carrying the cakes to the reception but we made it with all the cakes intact. It was at a home in Cedar Hills, overlooking the temple. The cake had a crystal temple on it, and you could look out over the cake and see the temple in the background, cool. So look for the temple in the picture.
My dd really enjoyed making the grooms cake, and it looked so nice on the dessert table. I thought it turned out really fun! Enjoy.

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Nancy Grant said...

Wow! That's a cool looking cake!