Friday, June 15, 2007

Back Deck with Upside Down Tomatoes

This is my deck, with my upside down tomatoes in the orange buckets and lots of hanging flower baskets. I am standing right by the stairs to take a picture of it. When I first decided to do the tomatoes my dd dubbed the deck a construction zone because of the orange color! I thought it was a better color than white, I wanted a nice green but couldn't find it. Oh well, they are growing nicely and it will be fun to see if I get tomatoes. This picture you really have to look to see a tomato growing upside down out of the bottom of those orange buckets, but they are there! In the tops of the buckets are herbs and nastursiums, so we can actually pick salad out of them! Mostly basil and parsley and some oregano, but also the flowers. I'm hoping by August they will cascade down and cover up some of the bucket! I have three of the tomatoes, and four hanging flowers. My bird feeder corner is the corner you can't see from this photo, but I take down the flowers in the winter and put up bird feeders. I leave one on the rail in the summer and hang a thistle feeder for the gold finches. I have many hummingbirds that come to the flowers, it's really fun to sit out there and have them hum beside you!


Corie said...

Found your site through Allison at "Staming when I can". Love it. The puppies are too cute. Can't wait to see the tomatoes when the get bigger. Maybe I will try that.

Nancy Grant said...

What a beautiful place to spend your summer. Love your deck. So... how do upside down tomatoes taste?