Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Minute Wedding Card

My son's best friend got married today. He wore a tux, stood in the line at the reception with four groomsmen, and there was four bridesmaids too...the whole thing. So my husband and I went, it was an hour drive, so we had to hustle to get their after work. I was the one that went, bought the present, wrapped it, then of course put a card on the present. Sounds easy right...ha! My married daughter and new son in law moved in last week-and my stamping space got moved. It currently is in boxes in the spare bedroom...all over. So I couldn't find my wedding cards-if I have a few OK, I guess I'll make one. I look at my watch...I have like five minutes until time to leave, plus I have to wrap the box still...arrgh! I have my stamps on shelves already, so I grab my new set True Friend and Warmest Regards, which luckily were right on top. Grab a piece of shimmer white, cause my solid colors were in the file box still. Grab the silver ink pad, cut the card stock in half, and fold, then stamp with the medallion on the other half. Rustle through my punches for one that is big enough, no circle punch is big enough, but no time to cut it out, so I grab the scalloped square, I'm in luck it fits fine, punch. Hmmn, I rub it a bit on the edges in silver so it doesn't fade in too much on the shimmer white. Grab a brad and pop it in, grab a few dimentionals and adhere them. Stamp the Congratulations in Silver, then adhere the square careful not to smear anything. Wave the card around hoping it will dry...while running to wrap the huge box. (gave them a French White Corningware set, pretty) After I do that in record time I write in the card, snap a fast picture, pop it in an envelope and run out to the car....all in five minutes. That's why I call this a two minute card. Now that I look at the picture I wish it had some silver and white ribbon...but the ribbon was still in a box somewhere! Anyway then it would have been a three minute card, lol!
I wish my fast picture had captured the shimmery card stock or the shimmer the silver had. It looks like plain white and gray in the picture...but it isn' was pretty with a soft sheen!

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Corie said...

So pretty -- great wedding card.