Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maple Mountain Week Four Oct, 11, 07

I have been taking pictures out from the front of my house every week for my son Andy, who is serving an LDS Mission in Minnesota. This is this week's can see the tree that broke last week in the early snowstorm we had in the foreground.. Most of the evidence of the snow on the mountain is gone now, the last two days have been in the high 70"s, but today it is cool again, it's only in the 50's outside, but it looks lovely. I live in a gorgeous area beside the mountains... They are thinking of building houses on this mountain that my view looks upon, so I am taking the pictures while I can...this view may change soon, sigh... It is lovely for now, you can see the atmosphere today, and that the colors are indeed changing, not just up in the mountains, but down in the valley now as well.

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