Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Charlie and 3x Puppy Love

Charlie is our dog. He came to us when he was only a few months old from the Orem Animal Shelter a day before my dd's thirtheenth birthday in 2000 I think. We think he is the best, he's a mixed breed, Poodle and something... When my dd left home last fall Charlie got very ill, but the vet couldn't figure out why. He lost so much weight until he was a little skeleton, and we were so worried! I changed the food, (Bil Jac is fab) worked with him, and though it has taken months and months, he has regained his weight and once again has energy! Charlie is pretty smart, my daughter taught him tons of tricks that he will do, and if he is wanting some treats will come over and do a trick or two for you to convince you he deserves a treat or two. He spins and rolls over, shakes hands, speaks, sits, lays down, catches treats in midair and our favorite is if you shoot him with your finger he will fall down dead.
The puppies live with my dd. She just gave Mia, the black puppy, to her inlaws, who had a tradgedy with their own dog, and so she got the red and named her Dixie. I get to meet Dixie this weekend, she's bringing her down for the weekend, fun plans in store! I think she is bringing both Max and Dixie....we'll see!

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Corie said...

They are all so adorable.