Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fast, Easy, Tasty, Healthy...

My husband and I were at Costco the other day, and dh likes to try all the taste tests. I on the other hand, am a bit shy, especially when it comes to jalepeno poppers, which burned my skin and mouth once, and other strange unknowns. One time we all tried a blue cheese sample that was so strong we were tasting it for days... But this time I must have been hungry because I tried at least three things.

Amazingly we came home with two of the three. One was this Trio of Sprouted Beans. They cook so quickly, and are healthy and pretty good considering they are beans...but we cooked them in chicken broth and they are tender and tasty, and oh I told you how fast they are to cook right? Boil for five min, let set for 10? Easy and good for you, nice side dish!

The other was a jalepeno greek yogurt...I know, what's gotten into me? Hot stuff? Jalepeno? But really, it was so creamy and yummy and good on those tender multi-grain chips, full of protein and probiotics...I just had to plop some into my cart right? I've had it daily since. I don't even have to cook it, instant spicy snack. Mmn..
I don't work for Costco either, but I do like the things I find there. Enjoy.

Oh and the third? Some probiotic drink that was very it stayed at the store...for now.

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Grandma Honey said...

I go to Costco often and I've never seen this sprouted bean trio. So tonight I will go specifically look for it. Sounds like something I would love. Hope they have it here in Ca.