Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Cake

Lindsay (my dd) made this wedding cake for a demonstration cake. It is currently residing in my living room window. Sort of different Living Room decor, but I've enjoyed it for Valentines Day. I did all the flowers on it, and she did the frosting. It will last forever, (it's not real cake or real flowers, but hard to tell that, even up close) so if you or someone you know has pink as a wedding color, or needs a wedding cake at the spur of the moment, let us know. I am currently trying to figure out how to store it, so it will stay dust free and lovely and doesn't fade in my window. Got any ideas for a tall thin not too big storage container? And it won't fit in a food storage bucket (too tall) and a plastic garbage can is too big. Wedding Cakes are so happy, this one is is so spring, and very cheery!
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Brian and Jane said...

Maybe you could drape it in plastic?? I know I'm WAAAAAAYYYYY behind on commenting on this but had to suggest it. :-)

deerie65775 said...

What about a cardboard tube that you can cut to size.. seems like hubby bought some at the lumberyard that were made to pour concrete in???
Or is there any type of plastic you can bend into your own tube (or piece of thin metal.. or screen???)