Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lindsay's Welcome Home Cake for Megan

Lindsay made this cake for Megan when she came home from her LDS Mission. It matched conversation hearts that decorated the cake plate and the tables, along with ribbons and roses. I didn't help at all with this cake, Lindsay made the cake, frosting and fillings, she used my kitchen so I took a picture. It's a lemon cake, lemon frosting and lemon filling...I got to eat the trimmings and wow, it is fabulous! The pictures really does not do justice to the size of this cake, I think it is a 14 inch cake and very very large. It served over sixty. I like it's Springtime appearance, very sunny and happy!


MomOf5Gents said...

Wow! Goregous cake! Lindsay is very, very talented.

Weezy said...

That cake is goregous!!! I wish I lived closer so Lindsay could teach me how to decorate cakes!!!