Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meet Baby Jack

Baby Jack came home from the hospital this week. One clip is Jack yawning, he's bored in that hospital! The other two clips are Jack's brother George, meeting Jack for the first time at Grandma's house. We were all delighted, George most of all, to have Jack home from the hospital. He'd been in NICU for 12 days, and yay, he's home! And yes, that is me in the last clip with the tissue, I can't leave the kid alone for even a few minutes I guess. :)


Grandma Honey said...

Oh these videos are priceless. They are going to mean even more to you through the years. I wish I had thought to do this the first time my grandchildren met each other.

Little Jack is a beautiful baby. George and Jack...what perfect names for 2 brothers.

Cindy Russo said...

What beautiful grandchildren. George is so cute and he sure is excited about that baby. That baby will certainly be loved.