Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Fun

My daughter decided to use up the Gingerbread houses I purchase after Christmas every year...her brother wanted to decorate one for a date, but needed a little help in the doing of it. She got her oldest brother to bring a date, and she got her husband involved, and soon all three couples were merrily spreading icing and glueing the houses together. I got the job of babysitter and was summarily ordered out of the house with my own dh and grandbaby. We went to Chuckarama and had a delicious time feeding the baby macaroni and cheese, madarin oranges, and green beans. But when we came back we found these cute houses. Oh, and the ornaments on the chandelier idea came from Better Homes and Gardens web site, it sparkles and shines light all over the!
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Glenda said...

Love the ornaments, and love the couples activity! Miss you....think it is time to visit St. George?

Valerie said...

I love the variety of ornaments on the chandelier! Beautiful. Makes me miss Christmas decorations.