Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Garden Eating Deer

These are the deer that keep coming back to visit, each day, several times a day. I really should work on getting a better picture of them. There are three, two bucks and a doe. You can only see two here, the other one is over eating the apricots. They pretty much eat all the fruit before it gets ripe, and as it falls off the trees. They also break the branches and eat them too. They live in our neighbor's backyard pretty much full time . Pretty soon I will name them...any ideas?


Mom of 3 Boys said...

Hmmmm....not Bambi...definitely not good for the Mother Deer's health. What about munch, crunch, and lunch?

Rebecca Talley said...

We have deer all the time. They like to eat the hay for our other animals.

I like the names munch, crunch, and lunch.

Shera STAMPS! said...

How about Apricot for one?