Thursday, June 12, 2008

Super simple and inexpensive...

My sister is helping with her Women's RS Stake Retreat, (speakers, crafts and activities) and she had to come up with several designs for cards. She isn't really a card maker, so called me, but there were some difficulties. There was next to no budget, and there would not be a demo or teacher at the card station, the women would just come, and have to "see" what to do and do it. And of course these are not card makers really either, so they are new to the It had to be an easy card, it had to be able to be made with any donated or inexpensive supplies, and it had to be just a good simple design-so you are happy with the final result. So here is what I did. I used double sided paper, though they may sub single sided with two types also if they choose. I also did the second card with inks and a stripe paper, both cards are very simple. I did two of the one design to show different stamps and one of the other design. I figured my sister will be able to find an inexpensive Happy Birthday, Thank You and flower stamp, even though they are not exactly like mine.

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