Monday, November 12, 2007

MommaKat's New Kittens

We felt bad MommaKat had to live we found her a new owner! They came and picked her up on Saturday.... All were delighted with the new situation, she loved her new place in Sandy, playing with their dog and it was working well. Until today we found MommaKat's hiding place for her kittens! Who knew? We certainly didn't. Luckily MommaKat has great new owners who were happy and excited to be brought the new kittens so Momma can finish raising them. Already the kittens have been spoken for and new owners are lining we were happy for the kittens, they are now warm and safe. We felt bad we couldn't keep them, but allergies are so severe it just was not possible. But I thought you'd like to see pictures of the pretty kitties...and MommaKat...

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